Tadpoles® & Procare
(Communication Portal)

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At Happy Days we use Tadpoles® to better keep parents in the loop on their children’s day-to-day experiences. With the app, teachers are able to share photos, videos, and notes with parents throughout the day. Tadpoles® lets parents enter the classroom virtually by providing a platform for teacher-parent communication and secure updates.  Check out the guide for parents here. Click the button below for more information and a demo on their official site!

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Easy Access

Email, text, or app, Tadpoles® is accessible to all family members. Families can play videos, share photos, or communicate with a staff member directly from their preferred email account.

Daily Reports

Daily reports securely share up-to-the-minute information that give families a glimpse into their children’s classroom routines and activities.

Photos & Videos

With parent permission, live photos and videos can be uploaded on the app for parents to see how their children are doing while they are away at work.


Communicate and Engage with Families
Share daily activities, videos, photos and milestones with families – keeping them up to date on their child and reducing the updates that take place during pick-up.   The Procare childcare mobile app is easy to use and simple to install. It provides all this information to the family in real time. Procare also provides the ability to send newsletters and to keep families aware of calendars and upcoming events. Procare can send emails and text messages to families, keeping everyone abreast of activities associated with their child.

Procare Empowers Student-Family-Teacher Communication

Procare tracks in-class activities and development milestones that can then be communicated with parents, while connecting those activities to state standards. Procare supports a wide variety of learning methodologies and provides the ability to access and report on developmental milestones.